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Jackson High School
544 Wildwood Ave.
Jackson, MI  49201

Phone:   (517) 841-3700
Fax:  (517) 768-5910

Jackson High School

Mission Statement: Education is the collaborative responsibility of the staff, the students, the families, and the community. Therefore, the mission of JHS is to provide a quality curriculum to its diverse student body in a safe, structured environment; to empower students to strive for excellence in academics, the arts, technology, and life skills; and to create responsible citizens for a global society.

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Having recently completed her 20th year at Jackson High School, Mrs. Baird-Pauli is Jackson High School’s Principal for Instruction. Mrs. Baird-Pauli’s experience at Jackson High School includes 7 years as a Teacher Consultant for the Emotionally Impaired, and has served in an administrative capacity for the past 13 years.


Jackson High School has a rich history. Originally founded in 1866, the first graduating Class of 1870 had 6 students.   Today, approximately 1,700 students attend Jackson High School, home of the Vikings. When the building was dedicated in 1927, a booklet describing the history of the school was published, complete with photos.
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Jackson High School is located in the heart of Jackson, on Wildwood Street just off South West Avenue.


A complete list of the curricular departments with in-depth course descriptions is included in the Jackson High Home Pages. Click here to view “Classes and Teaching”.

Of Special Interest:

Withington Stadium holds 7,000 people and Dungy Field has artificial turf.

The Jackson High School Library features a 75-year-old fireplace and offers access to almost 18,000 books, 75 magazine subscriptions, a classroom computer lab, and 12 student-use computers.

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 Meet Mrs. Baird-Pauli

Principal, Jackson High School

During the course of her 20 year history with Jackson High School, Mrs. Baird-Pauli has worked with the School Improvement process, Scheduling, Student Government, and various other administrative tasks. Having worked with the transition to the new state standards and the trimester scheduling that Jackson High School will be implementing in the fall, Mrs. Baird-Pauli believes in a collaborative approach in providing the most effective educational experiences for the young men and women attending Jackson High School. It is only in keeping the needs of students in the fore front that the educational process will continue to better itself.

A belief system that rests on the attributes of honesty and integrity, Mrs. Baird-Pauli is dedicated to the education of the students of Jackson High School. Further, providing opportunities for professional development and growth for faculty and staff, cultivating a school community that prides itself in its demonstration of respect, and enhancing the educational experiences for young people, are priorities.
A graduate of Concord High School, Mrs. Baird-Pauli completed her post-secondary educational experiences through Jackson Community College and Eastern Michigan University. While teaching in Wisconsin, Mrs. Baird-Pauli earned her Master of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in Education Administration. 

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