• Class of 2019 Senior Picture Deadline -  Friday, November 1, 2019

     The goal of the Reflector Yearbook  is to have the student’s face as the focus of the picture as well as to keep a similarity amongst the senior portraits.  Therefore, we would appreciate your support of the following strict requirements for senior pictures to be included in the senior portrait section of the Jackson High School Reflector Yearbook.

    Please submit one color .jpg file picture that follows each guideline listed:

     * resolution must be 300 dpi (ppi) or greater

     * image size 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall

     *.jpg file photo must be emailed to jennifer.vinitski@jpsk12.org

     * photo must be emailed from a JPS student email account.  No other email account submissions will be accepted. Every JHS student has been issued an @mischools.org email address through GMail.

     * indoor shot only with plain background

     * no sepia or other coloring effects 

     * crisp shot – no “fuzzy/out of focus” shots

     * head and shoulders shot only – no hands

     * street clothes - no costumes (which includes but not limited to) cap and gown or sport/band uniforms. Exception given to JACC JROTC dress military uniforms.

     * drapes are acceptable but the entire side of the shoulder- starting at the absolute top of the curve of the shoulder-should be covered as well as no exposed cleavage and not low cut (should not fall below underarm line in front and should not fall below top of shoulder blade in back)

     * suggested clothing for males: suit with tie, shirt with tie, turtleneck sweater, crewneck sweater or sleeved crewneck top

     * suggested clothing for females: sleeved turtleneck sweater, sleeved crewneck sweater or sleeved crewneck top or a drape (only as described and pictured far left)

     * no off-the-shoulder, “spaghetti” strap, tank, tube, low cut (falls below underarm line), one strap, backless, halter or see through tops

     * poses that show the back of the subject - the back must be covered from top of shoulder blade down

     * no hats or other head coverings

     * modest makeup is allowed

     * no exposed tattoos

     * minimal jewelry and hair accessories are allowed but must not detract focus away from the face

     * no props and/or miscellaneous objects

     * standard plain background –no outdoor shots (no trees, rocks, buildings, books, or any other identifiable objects), no laser beams or other special lighting features

     * no others included in shot

     * standing pose only – no leaning

     * no text and/or graphics on clothing and no stamped text on picture such as name or year of graduation.

     * student’s appearance must also meet JHS student dress code – see student handbook online at jpsk12.org/jacksonhs. 

     * no watermarks

     Hard copy submissions will be accepted as well.

     Students are expected to check their school email for details or any concerns/adjustments needed on their submitted photo.

     Decisions for inclusion will be limited to the Yearbook Adviser, Grade Principal and Principal for Instruction.  Parental appeals to decision must be submitted by November 16, 2018.

     Late pictures are defined as any picture turned in after 1:30 pm, November 1, 2019, but will be accepted until 1:30 pm, November 15, 2019 with a $50.00 late charge.   Absolutely no pictures will be accepted after 1:30 pm, November 15, 2019. For seniors who do not submit a yearbook photo, their Lifetouch picture will be included, if appropriate.

    Starting Monday, September 9, 2019, submit your yearbook picture to Ms. Vinitski at jennifer.vinitski@jpsk12.org.  Students are highly encouraged to check the spelling of their name with Ms Vikniski in room #311 prior to November 15, 2019. 

    Students may choose any photography studio to have their pictures taken.  It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to make sure that the picture submitted meets all of our requirements in order to be included in the senior portrait section.

    Students may appear in the senior section once during their high school career.  Only students on senior status first trimester of the school year may appear in the senior section. 

    Reflector Yearbook staff members and adviser are not responsible for any photo edits that may be needed on submitted pictures in order to meet stated rules for acceptance.  The staff and adviser reserve the right to crop pictures for space and content.