Kindergarten Readiness Skills

  • Mission ~ We will bring our community together to create a culture of academic excellence and workforce readiness. 
    Vision ~ We envision a community where all students become lifelong learners. 

    We know that Kindergarten is an exciting time in a child’s life and we want to help make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The following is a list of readiness skills that are helpful in making sure your child is ready for Kindergarten.


Fine Motor Skills

    1. Puts a 10- to 12- piece puzzle together
    2. Holds scissors correctly
    3. Holds a pencil or crayon in a non-fisted grip
    4. Can trace lines and basic shapes
    5. Copies basic figures such as circles, squares, and a straight line

Social/Motor Skills

    1. Plays with other children
    2. Follows simple directions
    3. Expresses feelings and needs
    4. Attends to an adult directed task for at least 5 minutes
    5. Waits his/her turn and shares
    6. Recognizes, respects and responds to other people's feelings
    7. Says "please" and "thank you"
    8. Can separate from parent/caregiver without excessive upset
    9. Can spend extended periods away from mom and dad
    10. Can identify 6 parts of his/her body
    11. Demonstrates curiosity and exploratory behavior
    12. Can work independently or initiate his/her own leisure time activity
    13. Attempts tasks knowing that it's okay to make a mistake
    14. Complies with rules, limits, routines and interacts appropriately with adults

Math Skills

    1. Counts from 1-10
    2. Recognizes/points to/identifies basic shapes (circle square, triangle, rectangle)
    3. Can sort items by one or more attributes (color, shape, size)
    4. Identifies, either verbally or by pointing to, the colors of crayons in the 8 count box

Gross Motor Skills

    1. Runs, jumps and skips
    2. Walks backwards
    3. Walks up and down stairs with alternating feet
    4. Can hop while balanced on one foot
    5. Bounces a kickball
    6. Attempts a two-handed catch of a kickball

Literacy Awareness Skills

  • 1.    Enjoys being read to/listening to stories, comments and makes predictions
    2.    Recognizes environmental print (logos, signs and words)
    3.    Knows how to handle a book (holds upright, know beginning and end)
    4.    Recites the alphabet
    5.    Identifies some letters and some sounds that they make
    6.    Recognizes own name in print
    7.    Begins to discern whether or not two words rhyme and able to provide a third rhyming word
    8.    Tries to write own name or other ideas by using symbols or letters
    9.    Can draw a picture to express an idea

Self-Help Skills

    1. Can use the bathroom independently and complete accompanying hygiene tasks
    2. Able to dress self (puts on coat, fastens snaps, buttons and zippers)
    3. Can use silverware properly
    4. Uses good habits (brushes teeth, covers mouth when coughing, washes hands)
    5. Follows simple safety rules

Personal Information

    1. Knows his/her full name
    2. Knows how old he/she is
    3. Practices saying his/her address and telephone number
    4. Knows his/her mother and father’s first names

Language Skills

    1. Expresses needs and wants verbally
    2. Speaks in complete sentences (5-6 words)
    3. Is generally understood by adults
    4. Uses words, not physical action, to express emotions such as anger
    5. Understands and follows two-step directions
    6. Understands concept words such as up, down, in, out, behind, over
    7. Asks questions about things around him/her
    8. Can tell a story about past events with descriptive language
    9. Identifies similarities and differences
    10. Can recite or participate in a familiar song, finger play or rhyme
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