• In order to obtain a Work Permit, please follow the following steps:

    1.  Pick up the appropriate Work Permit form from the 9th Grade office lobby on the first floor of JHS, or use the link below to print.
    2.  The student needs to complete Section 1 completely.
    3.  The employer needs to complete Section 2 completely.
    4.  The student needs to return the form to the 9th Grade office lobby for the form to be completed by the school official.  
    5.  Students, please allow at least 24 hours before returning to the 9th Grade office lobby to pick up your completed Work Permit.


    If you have other questions, please contact Ericca Scott at 517-841-3702 or at  Ericca.Scott@jpsk12.org 



    To print the forms:

    CA-7 Work Permit Form (Students 16 & 17)

    CA-6 for minors UNDER 16 years of age