• Introduction:


    T. A. Wilson Academy is a first class alternative high school that services students from Jackson and surrounding school districts.  We are a "School of Choice" public high school.  A veteran staff supports our student population who come to us for a variety of reasons.  T. A. Wilson Academy staff considers it a privilege to attend our school and places responsibility on its student body to promote this message.


    We believe that students need . . .


    • High academic expectations.

    • A positive and realistic vision for their future.

    • Assistance to navigate life.

    • To understand socially appropriate behavior.

    • To have positive relationships with adults.


    Program & Curriculum Information:


    Wilson Academy uses a 4x4 block class schedule that “reinvents” high school with traditional and non-traditional approaches for student success. Each student has only four classes for each of the four quarterly marking periods during the year, thus the name, “4x4”. Each class covers a full semester of instruction and meets for approximately 90 minutes per day. Students can earn 16 credits per school year. Direct instruction is provided in each classroom. Our course offerings meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).




    T.A. Wilson Academy was an elementary school prior to the Alternative High School and GED programs moving into the building in January of 2009 from their former location at Tomlinson School.  All classrooms, computer labs, cafeteria and other areas of the building were renovated in the summer and fall of 2008.  There are 12 classrooms in the main building and 3 in the annex, including 4 computer labs.




    • Improve learning

    • Improve attendance

    • Concentrated course work

    • Offer new school experience

    • Potential to earn more credits

    • Catch up to correct grade/class

    • Increase student/teacher contact

    • Virtual on-line courses available

    • Co-op work experience programs