• Frequently asked questions about the Fourth Street Learning Center:  

    1. How are students selected?

    Students are selected based on adversity in academics and social/emotional behaviors. A child study team made up of administration, teachers and counselors will meet to select candidates for the Learning Center.

    2. If my student is not selected, can I request my child attend this school?

    Of course! However, there are a limited number of spots.

    3. What classes will be offered to my child?

    All students will have the four core academic classes: Math, English/Language Arts, Social Studies and Science, as well as the potential for elective courses.

    4. My child takes the bus, will they still have transportation?

    Absolutely. They will still be provided transportation, however, since this school operates at different hours, they will not be on the bus they are on right now.


    5. What about breakfast and lunch?  

    There is already a great dining facility in the 100 wing where students will enjoy the same great meals our food service provides.