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    WHO WE ARE:   The JPS Alumni & Friends Association is a group of all alumni (Parkside HS, Jackson High & TA Wilson grads) and friends (families, staff, community members etc.) of Jackson Public Schools who want to be more connected with the school and community. The mission of the Association is to impact the following four groups in a meaningful way: Connect alumni with their fellow alumni, the schools and the faculty and students; Provide the students with a perspective of what's possible for them with their JPS education; Give the faculty a sense of pride of the impact their life work has made on the lives of their former students; and help the community take pride in the impact the Jackson Public Schools system has made. The Association will strive to keep alumni informed of current events, venues to get connected with fellow alum and volunteer opportunities to give back to the schools in a meaningful way.
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    Jackson Public Schools offers educational opportunities incomparable to anywhere in the area. With a focus on hands-on learning, workforce readiness and preparing students for higher education, Jackson Public Schools’ esteemed alumni are a testament to the opportunities available and the success former students can achieve.

    Jackson Public Schools’ Communications Intern Kayleigh Garrison asked 2014 Jackson High School graduate Lindsay Holeso about her experience in the school district and how it prepared her for a career in fashion.

    Kayleigh Garrison: When did you graduate from Jackson High School?

    Lindsay Holeso: “2014.”

    KG: What did you do after graduating?

    LH:After graduating high school I went to Columbia College Chicago where I received my BFA in Fashion Design. After college I was a freelance handbag, wallet and soft accessories designer for Claire’s, INC and Icing. I am currently a men’s wallet designer at Randa Accessories where I design for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Levi’s and private labels for companies such as Kohl’s, Belk, and Target.” 



     KG: Can you talk about your career and what you've been up to since graduating from high school? 

    LH: “Since high school, I’ve had the opportunity to design my own work in Chicago. I’ve also been able to create [a] product that is currently in stores nationally and globally.” 

    KG: What is your greatest achievement in life or an accomplishment you're proud of?  

    LH: “My greatest personal achievement has been my senior thesis. I competed and won multiple competitions, and it has provided me with immense opportunities to show my work, advance my career and opportunities to meet amazing people.”


    KG: Can you talk about how Jackson Public Schools helped you get to where you are today? 

    LH: "The thing that helped me the most when I went to JHS was the dual enrollment program with Kendall College of Art and Design. Being able to take free college level art classes when I was still in high school allowed me to push myself harder and take more advanced classes when I moved to Chicago."

    KG: Do you have a favorite memory from your time in Jackson Public Schools? 

    LH: “My teachers. Having the opportunity to learn with people who are passionate about what they do is significant.”

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