In the summer of 1831, Miss Silence D. Blackman opened a school in her home for her younger brothers and the children of Jackson Community. In the spring of 1833, a wooden building, painted red, was built on the corner of South Blackstone and West Michigan Avenue. In 1838, two school districts, divided by the Grand River, were created. The West Side High School graduated its first class in 1871; the East Side High School in 1876. In 1897, the two school districts lying west and east of the Grand River were united by legislative enactment. In 1908, the “new high school” was merged at the corner of Washington and Jackson Streets. The present Jackson High School building was opened in 1927. The brick and limestone building is a Collegiate Gothic style with two long wings that flank a prominent spired central tower. Today, Jackson High School has a 1,511 seat auditorium, an expansive library and nine computer labs. A highlight of this exquisite building is Britton Hall, commonly referred to as the Shakespeare Room, which is patterned after an old English hall in Stratford, England. The room stands two stories high with floor to ceiling leaded glass windows, black walnut balconies, a performance stage and one of two fireplaces – the second is located in the library. The campus includes several outstanding athletic facilities. Withington Stadium, home of Dungy Field, sports a field turf surface surrounded by a nine-lane, 400 meter rubber and polyurethane track. A 2,000 seat field house hosts volleyball matches and basketball games. Fans witnessed the dedication of the Glick Community Baseball Field in May, 2009.  In 2021, safe and secure entrances and a state of the art aquatic facility were added.  The first principal to serve in the current building was Frederick L. Bliss. Twelve principals have subsequently held this position: Dean S. Spencer, W. Earl Holman, Carroll E. Fortress, Donque Ellis, George Kiesel, Robert DuBois, Thomas A. Mueller, Thomas J. Stobie, James E. Graham, Pamela J. Fitzgerald, Barbara Baird-Pauli, and Monica Pierce. Jackson High School is one of the five schools that were originally accredited by the University of Michigan in 1871 and is known as the University of Michigan Centennial School. In 1905, Jackson High School was and continues to be accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.



    “Faith without credulity  

    Conviction without bigotry 

    Charity without condescension 

     Self-respect without vanity 

    Meekness with power.” 



    (James L. Moore, JHS 1952) 

    We sing to you our high school 

    Old friend we love so dear, The Viking memories we share

    Endure from year to year, 

    And as we travel on through life 

    In fortune, in defeat 

    When’er we think of friendship true 

    Our hearts with you will meet. 



    Fight, fight for Jackson 

    Wave our colors to the sky 

    They can never beat us 

    Keep our spirits soaring high.

    Score, score you Vikings 

    We are sure to win this game 

    We will mark this win with all the rest