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    This school year (2023-2024), every student can eat a school meal -

    a Michigan's Mighty Meal - at no cost. 

    Michigan's Mighty Meals provide every student with healthy, delicious food to fuel

    their day, whether learning at school or remotely at home.

    Multiple meals are available each school day - all at no cost

    • Breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper may be offered.
    • Contact your school to learn which meals are available and check the menu.

    Balanced, nutritious meals ensure students are ready to learn

    • Michigan's Mighty Meals offer a nutritious variety of meals so every student can find something they like to eat.
    • Visit your school's website to check the menu.  
    • Eating Michigan's Mighty Meals does not impact a student's eligibility for P-EBT, SNAP, or other benefits. 

    Michigan's Mighty Meals can help your family, school, and community

    • Michigan's Mighty Meals can save all families time and money.
    • Lower your grocery bill and spend less time preparing meals every day.
    • Eating school meals can help your school secure funding and resources to give students better overall educational experiences. 
    • Michigan's Mighty Meals support Michigan farmers, local growers, and the local economy.


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Meal Prices

Meal Name Price
Student Breakfast - K-12 Free
Student Lunch - K-12 Free
Adult Breakfast $3.00
Adult Lunch $5.00
Student and Adult milk $0.50

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