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Jasper Lusby, Principal

Dear Sharp Park Academy Families, 


The 20-21 school year is upon us, and while in these extraordinary times we are experiencing a lot of changes, one thing remains the same: at Sharp Park Academy we are looking forward to welcoming your student and family back to school and providing the best educational experiences possible. For our veteran SPA kids, we have missed you and can’t wait to see you again! We are also ready to welcome

new enrollments to Sharp Park Academy and enrollment paperwork can be located on our website at As always, we are committed to success for your student and confident that this is going to be another amazing year at Sharp Park Academy. #SPAtheHYPEstartshere! 

Over the summer months, we have been hard at work planning and preparing in eager anticipation of returning to school. The Sharp Park Academy Return to Learn plans, under the district Return to Learn plan ensures continuity within JPS schools, adheres to CDC safety recommendations, maintains high standards for rigorous and robust academic experiences using a flipped classroom model for hybrid instruction, and flexibility that allows us to move forward with increasing face to face instruction, or to return to a completely digital format should the need arise. 

Jackson Public Schools will be returning to school under Phase 4. There are several elements of the instructional model that will look different:

  • Staggered face to face attendance will allow us to reduce the number of students in each classroom to be consistent with social distancing guidelines. Therefore, students will be divided into group A with a face to face meeting on Monday and Tuesday and group B a face to face meeting on Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will be used for building sanitation and teacher planning. When students are not scheduled to be in school for face to face instruction, they will have instructional videos and short activities they can complete independently on their devices to help them be prepared for face to face instruction. Face to face instruction will be very focused on content and in small groups.
  • For the upcoming school year, JPS will be using the “Flipped Classroom” model for instruction.  Students will be provided with technology to take home every day.  Y5-2 will receive an iPad and grades 3-12 will receive a Chromebook.  Instruction will be provided five days a week online.  Two days a week, students will receive in-person individual instruction with their subject area teachers and in small groups to reach mastery. This provides JPS with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of students, to step forward into a full-time face-to-face as well as a step backward into a full-time at-home instruction as directed by State and local officials. 
  • Masks and social distancing guidelines will be in place in addition to increased sanitation measures that will be in place in the building. SPA has always gone above and beyond in the area of environmental sanitation due to the need to prevent the spread of peanut proteins, so we are more than prepared to step it up!
  • SPA will be adding two outdoor learning spaces through a partnership with the Scouts and a donation via the completion of an Eagle project as part of enhancing your child’s educational opportunities during these times. 

There are several aspects of returning to school that will remain the same:

  • Amazing faculty and staff ready to make positive lifelong relationships with your students and family.
  • High quality rigorous instructional opportunities that include intervention and enrichment to meet the needs of individual students.
  • Student programming that includes resource, speech & language and English Language Acquisition supports.
  • Social skills instruction and social and emotional learning opportunities in small group and individual formats.
  • Student leadership and community support opportunities, because even in these unusual times, we are still the place where the community comes together...from a social distance. 
  • Positive climate and culture that make SPA a great place for students to learn and teachers to teach.

We realize that these are strange times and there may still be some concerns. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We appreciate and value your trust and look forward to working together in the coming school year! Until August, enjoy the rest of your summer! #JPSVikingStrong


Mrs. Lusby


Sharp Park Academy