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Jeremy Patterson, Principal

Greetings, and welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year.  My name is Jeremy Patterson, Principal for Instruction. This will be my fifth year leading Middle School at Parkside and my thirteenth year in Administration with Jackson Public Schools.  


We are excited about the professional learning environment at Parkside.  Our highly qualified staff has three main objectives: ensure each student makes a year or more of academic growth, students make the connection between what they are learning and why it is important and teachers will differentiate their instruction to meet the learning needs of each student.  Our staff is committed to helping all children navigate the middle school experience, one of social emotional development, expanding each students opportunities for engagement and high school preparation.


Our International Baccalaureate Framework ensures a well rounded, rigorous and inquiry-based method of learning, enabling our students to reach their full potential. Our emphasis on collaboration stresses the importance of building leadership skills and social skill building in finding an avenue for lifelong learning. Our curriculum will continue to evolve this year as we transition into a six period day and away from the traditional IB model in 2020-2021. The extracurricular opportunities such as First Robotics, the arts, athletics, Academic Games, student council, community service and more provide a deeper connection to our school and community.


This will be my third and final year working directly with the class of 2023.  I look forward to working closely with our eighth grade students as they set the tone for leadership, responsibility and giving back to their school community. Deepening relationships with families is an integral part of educating the whole child. We are grateful to work collaboratively with each student becoming more actively involved with their education. Attendance matters!!! Please help us best educate your student by ensuring that they are in school, on time and ready to maximize the use of instructional time in the classroom.


Your communication and participation in your student’s education is essential to our success! All parents, guardians and volunteers for education are a welcomed part of our school improvement process. We encourage you to join our PAVE (Parkside Adult Volunteers for Education) group. I look forward to working with you and your student this year.


Believe The Hype,


Jeremy Patterson