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Mr. Anthony Coffie, Assistant Principal

Meet JHS Assistant Principal Anthony Coffie (Class of 2021)
Meet JHS Assistant Principal Anthony Coffie (Class of 2021)

Welcome video for JHS Assistant Principal Anthony Coffie (Class of 2021)- 2018/2019 Jackson Public Schools.

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Hello, I am Mr. Anthony Coffie Assistant Principal at Jackson High School! I am pleased to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year. Jackson High offers a diverse educational experience like no other in Jackson County. As a member of the Jackson High School community, you will be challenged to reach your highest potential as a student and person. Peers, staff and faculty will aid you towards reaching your success and developing your path for career or college readiness. During the school year, you will experience learning opportunities in class that will be a culmination of real life as well as academic experiences.


Jackson High School offers some of the most thrilling sporting events, played by some of the best athletes in the county. In addition, you will learn and experience entertainment in some of the states’ best performing arts programs.


The staff at Jackson High are compassionate and passionate about teaching and learning. Teachers and faculty are set for your success. They commit to providing instruction, guidance, and support towards helping you reach your goals. The teachers provide opportunities to assist students before, after and during school. The grade counselors will aid you with being aware of your progress as it relates to your track for graduation, career, and college readiness.


Jackson High School is committed to collaborating with the community to provide our students with rich experiences with the goal of academic excellence and workforce readiness.

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