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Ms. Julie Baker

Meet JPS Montessori Principal Julie Baker (Kindergarten - 4th Grade)
Meet JPS Montessori Principal Julie Baker (Kindergarten - 4th Grade)

Welcome video for Julie Baker JPS Montessori Principal(Kindergarten - 4th Grade)- 2018/2019 Jackson Public Schools.

Principal Julie Baker


Hello, My Name is Julie Baker, Principal of JPS Montessori Center,


Welcome the 2018-19 school year!  Enter our beautifully renovated building and you will find one of the most unique and nurturing schools in the county.  We offer tuition free Montessori instruction for students in grades K through four (and potentially grade five next year) in multi-age, beautifully designed Montessori learning environments. Our students participate in daily work sessions using Montessori materials and methods as teachers function as guides, providing differentiated instruction to individual and small groups of students to meet their unique needs.  By starting the year with grace and courtesy lessons, our students learn how to participate during work sessions as respectful, collaborative members of our Montessori classroom community. This sets the stage to ensure every student has the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace.


Our staff utilizes positive behavior strategies, working with students to build PACEM, which is Latin for peace, but is also used to help our students learn what it means to be Peaceful, Accountable, Courteous, Empathetic, and Mindful—characteristics of good citizens in the learning communities we work together to create, and later, the world.  


Our students also benefit from daily Spanish instruction.  Our talented teacher immerses students in her lessons, incorporating music, movement, art, and culture.


A Montessori education is uniquely suited to prepare students to be productive, responsible, and concerned citizens.  The Montessori philosophy helps students develop into lifelong learners by nurturing excitement and curiosity in children as they explore Montessori materials, concepts, and the world around them.  They cultivate workforce readiness as they practice social skills through their collaboration with others, and build the habits of mind needed to participate in a culture of academic excellence as they learn to focus, work independently, be accountable for their work, and persist to solve problems.


The staff of JPS Montessori School is dedicated to helping all students succeed.  Our teachers are Montessori certified and skilled at using Montessori materials and methods to help students learn at high levels, while also intervening to help students when they need extra support.   Staff members build strong relationships with students and families, model the social skills that they teach, and interact with students, parents, and one another in ways that are positive and embody the PACEM woven through the fabric of our school family.


Sharing the building with the Felician Children’s Center contributes to the welcoming, serene atmosphere you will find at JPS Montessori School.  Our partnership with them provides our families with access to a before and after school care, child care for infants and toddlers, preschool programs, and a Primary Montessori classroom.  The culture we have created together truly exemplifies how community comes together at Jackson Public Schools. I encourage you to visit us and see all that JPS Montessori has to offer!


Go Vikings!  


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